Escuela Superior de Audio y Acústica

Correo Electrónico

Historical Interviews

The most significant figures in the history of our profession.

Interview with Mark Johnson co-founder of Playing For Change

Interview with Don Casale
about the recording of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Interview with Michael Lang the man behind Woodstock 1969

Interview with John Leimseider restorer of The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio

Interview with Mark Needham about the recording of Wicked Game

History makers

  • For the first time to the Hispanic America we interviewed figures that changed our field.
  • We got their attention because they love their work and teach about it.  Also they wanted to support, first our 20 and now, our 25th. Anniversary.  
  • We wanted to show to our pupils that making a good job is the way to find the major goals.
  • Each on of them let their best advices to the new generations.